Tar River Compact Root Grapple For Sale

  • Manufacturer: Tar River
  • Model: CRG48, CRG60, CRG66, CRG72
  • Type: Grapple
  • Price: $1,399.00
  • Warranty: Factory Warranty
  • Additional Information: Specially designed for tractors and Utility work. Heavy built, but still light weight to not overpower your tractor lift capabilities. All Utility Root Grapples come standard with hoses and Flat Faced Couplers. Available in JD Mounts. Tines made from 3/8" steel with max jaw opening of 34".


John Deere green or grey available.  JDQA or SSQA available.  Comes with flat face couplers.  You can screw these off and screw on Ag or Pioneer couplers if needed.

Tar River CRG48 is $1,399, weighs 420 lbs.

Tar River CRG60 is $1,499, weighs 438 lbs.

Tar River CRG66 is $1,574, weighs 465 lbs.

Tar River CRG72 is $1,649, weighs 487 lbs.

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