Brush Crusher BC-4215 Grapple For John Deere Loaders

  • Manufacturer: Westendorf
  • Model: BC-4215
  • Type: Grapple
  • Price: $1,699.00
  • Warranty: Factory Warranty
  • Additional Information: The Brush Crusher by Westendorf is the best option for those of you that don't have additional hydraulics! Just take off your bucket, put the Brush Crusher on and you're ready to go! Fits the JDQA and perfect for the 1025r and all John Deere subcompact and compact tractors.


THE FINE PRINT: $500 deposit now, balance once order arrives towards the end of the month. Free shipping to a COMMERCIAL ADDRESS with loading dock (place of business that regularly receives semi trucks and has receiving department) WITHIN 700 miles of 49009. Add $25 to hold at the local destination terminal or add $75 to go to a residential address.

*Add a SpeeCo quick hitch or pallet forks to the same skid for NO additional freight cost!*




The new patented BC-4215 brush handling attachment makes those painful labor intensive tasks like clearing trees, handling brush, or even cleaning up after a storm–Fun! The BC-4215 model is a mid-sized model of the Brush Crusher™ family. It’s adjustable so you can get the tooth action that you need. It is designed to fit on the John Deere coupler of several different loaders.

The Westendorf advantage:

  • No additional hydraulics required. The teeth open and close off the hydraulic action of your loader’s bucket cylinders.
  • Get rid of the bucket and lift more by eliminating bucket weight and moving the load closer to the tractor.
  • Reach into and easily penetrate to the center of the load for a good grip.
  • V-Shaped teeth with serrated edges make grabbing into the gnarliest load a snap.
  • Constructed from high strength steel.
  • Allows for clear sight lines so you can see what you are grabbing.
  • The implement is gentle and precise allowing you to grab objects firmly without crushing them in the process.
  • Built to work hand in hand with the John Deere Quick Attach coupler of several different loaders. Seamless integration that fits like a glove.
  • At only 284 lbs. the BC-4215 provides more lift power, stability, and better visibility than a bucket. The added lift power comes from the ability of the Brush Crusher™ to hold the load closer to the the tractor.
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