Buy Tar River Claw Grapple

  • Manufacturer: Tar River
  • Model: Claw Grapple
  • Price: $1,750.00
  • Warranty: Factory Warranty


  • Available in John Deere Quick Attach (JDQA, Green) and Skid Steer Quick Attach (SSQA, Grey).
  • Built from stronger, lightweight AR400 Steel
  • 55″ weighs 192 lbs (JDQA), 205 lbs (SSQA).
  • 66″ weighs 210 lbs (JDQA, 220 lbs (SSQA).
  • Dual cylinders have 2″ bore and 10″ stroke
  • Rated for subcompact and compact tractors

If you are quoting elsewhere, make sure it’s apples to apples.  There is a cheaper version of the Claw Grapple that weighs 50% more.  I am choosing to only carry the high strength, light weight AR400 version.  While it may cost a bit more, it will provide better strength and the lower grapple weight means you can pick up more material and get your projects done faster.

$1,750 Tar River 55″ Claw Grapple.  CCG55-AR for SSQA or JDCCG55-AR for JDQA.

$1,900 Tar River 66″ Claw Grapple.  CCG66-AR for SSQA or JDCCG66-AR for JDQA.

Sometimes manufacturers include hoses and fittings, sometimes they don’t.  Therefore, I don’t promise they’ll be included, but may be from time to time.  For budgeting purposes, I suggest expecting to add hoses and fittings to match your tractor.  If they come already installed and ready to go, it’s a bonus.  It’s typically best to wait until the grapple has arrived to size these hoses and fittings appropriately as every tractor is setup differently.

We ship attachments all over the country.  Orders are processed manually.  For a shipping quote, please provide your zip code.  If you would like to place an order, please email your billing and shipping address and we will email back an invoice including a secure link to make payment by credit card.

Note: It is always cheapest to ship to a commercial address with loading dock.  Shipping anywhere else is $110 extra.  A lift gate can be added for an additional $150, however I encourage you to find a way to offload with your tractor and save this money.

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