Buy Worksaver ET & ETG Series Grapples: Worksaver ET & ETG Series Grapples For Sale

  • Manufacturer: Worksaver
  • Model: ETG Series
  • Type: Grapple
  • Price: $2,099.00
  • Warranty: Factory Warranty
  • Additional Information: Starting at $2,099 for the ETG-5! See full price list below. Available for JDQA, SSQA, and Global Quick Attach Systems! Black or Green, 60" or 72"!


These tough, reliable and economical grapples offer models with skid steer style hook-up, John Deere 400/500 hook-up as well as a model for Euro/Global hook-up. Select models offer dual upper clamps for additional clamping. These grapples are ideal for raking, piling, and loading brush and other hard to handle materials while leaving the dirt behind.
  • Unique upper grapple design on single clamp units provides clamping force to hold material securely.
  • Recommended tractor size is 30-55HP.
  • Greaseable pivot points on upper grapple(s) for long service life.
  • Low profile design offers great forward visability.
  • Shield plate on upper grapple provides protection for hydraulic cylinder(s).
  • Hoses are routed through the tube to provide hose protection on the ETG-26 models.
  • ETG-26 with dual upper grapples for additional clamping is offered with Skid Steer mount, John Deere 400/500 mount, and Euro/Global mount.
  • Get more information from the manufacturer’s website by CLICKING HERE.

$2,099: Single Top Jaw ETG-5 (SSQA, Black, 415 Lbs) & ETG-5-JD (JDQA, Green, 420 Lbs)

$2,199: Single Top Jaw: ETG-6 (SSQA, Black, 445 Lbs) & ETG-6-JD (JDQA, Green, 450 Lbs)

$2,299: Double Top Jaw: ETG-26 (SSQA, Black, 525 Lbs),  ETG-26-JD, (JDQA, Green, 530 Lbs) & ETG-26-G (Global, Green or Black, 540 Lbs)

Add 6% Michigan sales tax and freight costs if applicable.  If you would like a freight quote, then please email me your zip code.  I will provide 3 freight options including going to a commercial address with loading dock (cheapest), holding at the destination terminal, or going to a residential address (most expensive).

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