John Deere Category 1 Ballast Box

  • Manufacturer: Titan
  • Model: John Deere Category 1 Ballast Box
  • Type: Ballast Box
  • Price: $339.00
  • Additional Information: Features include storage tubes for bringing tools in the field, a 2" receiver hitch, trap door to easily remove loose ballast material, quick hitch compatible, and fork slots to pick up and move around when needed! This ballast box is frequently on sale so check their site through the link below!



This item is for sale directly through Titan Attachments, not Good Works Tractors.  This John Deere category 1 ballast box is the best value I have found available.  Better than any option available through my distributors.  If you choose to purchase through this link, then I will receive a commission.  Thank you so much for your support of Good Works Tractors!

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