Tar River Land Leveler For Sale: Buy Tar River Land Leveler

  • Manufacturer: Tar River
  • Model: LB4, LB5, LB6
  • Type: Land Leveler
  • Price: $1,299.00
  • Warranty: Factory Warranty
  • Additional Information: NOW AVAILABLE ONLY IN CHARCOAL GREY! Not green as shown.


  • Features include adjustable, removable, and replaceable scarifying shanks
  • Two reversible and replaceable cutting edges
  • Category 1 three point hitch, quick hitch compatible
  • Rated for up to 50HP

$1,299 Tar River LB4 48″ Land Leveler, 455 lbs

$1,499 Tar River LB5 60″ Land Leveler, 589 lbs

$1,799 Tar River LB6 72″ Land Leveler, 700 lbs

Now available exclusively in charcoal grey.  This color option lets us fill more customer orders more efficiently while also providing a universal color option that looks great no matter the brand of your tractor.

Tar River Implements is proud to introduce the LB Series Land Leveler available in 3 popular sizes. These
sturdy built units are great for a variety of applications from landscaping to work around the farm or
homestead. Because they are not designed to move dirt, a lower HP tractor can use these.
Scarifier shanks and grading blades are multi-adjustable.

Sales tax is charged in certain states.  We ship all over the country.  Items will ship cheapest to a commercial address with loading dock.  Provide your zip code so tat we can quote freight accurately.  We can deliver to your house (to offload with your tractor) for an additional fee.  Lift gates are available for another $150 upcharge, although we’ve found this is rarely needed for those who have a tractor.  Take advantage of shipping by adding as many items onto one pallet as possible.  Smaller items like suitcase or wheel weights, quick hitch, pallet forks, stump bucket, or other similar items can fit in the nooks and crannies on the same skid and make it more affordable for you.

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