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What Are The Most Popular Tractor Attachments?

The most popular tractor attachments that we sell are pallet forks, mowers, weight and weight brackets, grapples, tillers, dethatchers, snow pushers, plows, and blowers, ballast boxes, and, of course, our own GWT Stump Wrecker.

In this day in age there are a lot of options for tractor attachment manufacturers. We choose ours on three criteria: price, quality, and features. When we can, we continue to choose brands Made in the USA or Canada. At Good Works Tractors, we carry the following brands:

Dirt Dog Manufacturing

Dirt Dog Manufacturing, made in the US, manufactures an enormous line of tractor attachments and implements. Good Works Tractors carries the best Dirt Dog attachments including their ATV attachment line, plow, cultipacker, box blades, bales spears, pluggers, subsoilers, land plane, rake, pulverizer, rotary cutters, and more.

Mudd’s Customs

Mudd’s Customs tractor implements and accessories make you feel like your tractor is custom-built for your comfort and efficiency. If you are looking for grab handles and steps, mirror mount brackets, tie-down anchors, dual wheel kits, or even custom backhoe buckets, there is no better brand than Mudd’s Customs for your tractor.


HLA is a Canadian brand that understands snow (and removal) better than most. If you are looking for front-end loader tractor implements for snow removal, HLA is the best brand to choose. Their products are designed with user input and feedback to continuously improve their attachments’ usability and effectiveness.

Precision Manufacturing

Precision makes some very clever solutions including the Add-A-Grapple, a unique attachment that converts your bucket into a grapple. We also sell their other dedicated grapples, a very heavy-duty rock bucket, an incredible tree puller that we love hooking up to our John Deere 333G skid steer, and even unique pruning options. Precision is based out of Missouri and their products are Made in the USA.


One of the most popular attachments we sell each year is the Westendorf Brush Crusher. Why? Because it’s a mechanical grapple that doesn’t require any extra hydraulics to use! A range of sizes and loader mounts are available, and it’s another product made right here in the USA!

Why Buy Tractor Attachments From Good Works Tractors?

You’ll discover a wide variety of the best tractor attachments with expert guidance from Courtney Scott, the owner and founder of Good Works Tractors. Every product we sell comes with free basic shipping (read our Shipping FAQ for details) and we price everything competitively. If you don’t see a product listed or a feature or color, just email us and we’ll see if we can get it for you.

All attachments and accessories are chosen by Courtney based on three criteria he refers to as the trifecta: quality, features, and affordability. GWT also offers unbiased, educational videos on our YouTube Channel, updated weekly, to assist you in making your decision.

Trust The ExpertsOur Youtube Has It All

With how-to’s, product comparisons, and much more, we have you covered on all your tractor questions.


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