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<span>Baumalight</span> BRUSH MULCHER
<span>Baumalight</span> BRUSH MULCHER
<span>Baumalight</span> BRUSH MULCHER
<span>Baumalight</span> BRUSH MULCHER
<span>Baumalight</span> BRUSH MULCHER
<span>Baumalight</span> BRUSH MULCHER
<span>Baumalight</span> BRUSH MULCHER
<span>Baumalight</span> BRUSH MULCHER
<span>Baumalight</span> BRUSH MULCHER
<span>Baumalight</span> BRUSH MULCHER
<span>Baumalight</span> BRUSH MULCHER
<span>Baumalight</span> BRUSH MULCHER



Annihilate unwanted and invasive vegetation, grass, shrubs, vines, thickets, and small trees with a brush mulcher and Skidsteers. Available models for Tractors. Check out our videos below to see just how quickly and effectively they will transform your land.

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Clear unwanted vegetation and brush from your land with a Baumalight Brush Mulcher. Whether you’re running a tractor or skidsteer, Baumalight makes a brush clearing solution starting with the 300 series. Rotating, offset carbide teeth absolutely demolish organic material, turning it all into exactly what the name implies: mulch.

The direct drive of a brush mulcher on the PTO of a tractor is the most efficient way to run a brush mulcher and if you check our brush cutting size charts you will see that the slower you can travel the bigger material you can handle.

Operating a Brush Mulcher from a skid steer list probably the most comfortable way for vegetation management, as your work is directly in front of you and new skidsteers are very operator-comfort focused.


Stepping up to the 500 series brush mulcher will allow you to clear not only vegetation and heavy brush but even small trees! V-notched teeth with hardened holders rip everything in their path and are less prone to breakage when they encounter stones or objects of the like. So if you’re running below grade, run these teeth.

Starting at the MP560 and larger, the cutting shield can be opened to allow you to attack brush at a different angle.

The 500 & 700 series skid steer mulchers come with pressure gauges that allow the operator to monitor if he hits maximum pressure; if you go past the max, the mulcher becomes less productive.

*MP572 1000rpm for 60-120HP, do not exceed 135HP


If you have an enormous amount of land to clear or land that is seriously overgrown, get the 900 series brush mulcher. It will rip everything in its path 6” or less to shreds. Available in a 60” rotor or a 72” rotor, and the 900 series is everything the 500 series is but more ruggedly designed, with more power behind its mulching capacity.

The MS960 Baumalight brush mulcher is a 60 ” heavy-duty brush mulcher with a 75” Path width and it has turned into a very popular model for mulching with average to large skid steers.

The 900 Series teeth are available in either Double Carbide Tipped Ripper or Single Blade Planer style. The carbide Ripper tooth is a good general use tooth for mulching with lots of ground contact, if there are not many stones then the Planer tooth is a little bit more efficient.

The MS972 Baumalight brush mulcher is much like our MS960 only wider, featuring a 72” rotor and 84” path width.

It has the same teeth and like the MS960 also has replaceable wear plates and a very short frame which brings the weight closer to the skidsteer allowing very productive mulching with a smaller track machine or wheeled skid steer.

The 900 series skid steer mulchers also come with a larger pressure gauge which is very handy to watch and see how close you are to maximum pressure; once you start blowing over relief the mulcher becomes very unproductive so you do want to keep an eye on the pressure.

Operating a Brush Mulcher from a skid steer is probably the most comfortable way for vegetation management as your work is directly in front of you and new skid steers are very operator comfort-focused.

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MP348, MS348, MP360, MP560, MS560, MP572 540rpm, MP572 1000rpm, MS572, iMP772 540rpm, iMP772 1000rpm, iMP772 1000rpm Large Shaft, MS960, MS972

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