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You already have a reliable engine in your tractor that cycles through its fuel regularly. So in an emergency situation, rely on reliability, and choose a PTO driven generator.

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Purchase this item and get 9625-15145 Points worth $192.50-$302.90 to save on future orders!  You must register an account to track receive and track points.
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KR Series PTO 4-Pole Generators

Our newest addition to our line of PTO generators, the KR series generators are designed to fit tractors from 45 to 97 horsepower and support power requirements from 30 kilowatts to 65 kilowatts.The KR model’s generator assembly is made in Canada and the main components are made in Europe. When the unexpected happens, you can rely on the trusted combination of your tractor and your KR generator to get you back up and running. With one less engine to maintain, a PTO generator is an effective, reliable backup power source for your smaller appliances and large equipment motors on your farm. The KR series is a 4-pole copper winding generator that features a brushless design for less maintenance, automatic voltage regulation, and DisplayMaster1 – Baumalight’s own at a glance performance monitor.

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Why Choose a PTO Generator?

When the power goes out, a Baumalight PTO generator offers a high-quality, high-capacity and portable power plant – right in your own backyard. Now you can take power wherever you need it: in-field repairs, construction on a remote part of your property, or even grain drying without a utility connection. Simply plug in and power up.

Backing up rural life.
Everyone knows that tractors power farms and rural property, making them the perfect partner during a power outage. As an alternative to a portable generator whose engine might not want to start after it has been sitting with stale fuel, a varnished or stuck carburetor, or dead battery, your tractor is always on stand-by and can perform double-duty as an emergency power supply when utility power is unavailable.

Baumalight has been making PTO generators since 2000.
At Baumalight, we believe we can offer farmers and property owners more for their money by using something they already have on hand. When you purchase a Baumalight PTO generator, you gain more Kilowatts, spend less on maintenance, and benefit from cleaner power.

We count on electricity every day for the necessities of life. On today’s industrialized farms, reliable electric power is essential to their operation. During a power outage, rural properties are often the last ones to regain power – sometimes days later than towns and urban areas. As a farmer and rural property owner, you need to have access to power that is ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Remote power.
When you live on a rural property, you need to be versatile. And you expect the same from your equipment. Baumalight PTO generators are portable and easy for one person to hook up to their tractor. The trailer design gives you more flexibility, allowing you to move the power to where it is needed most.

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30kw, 44kw, 52kw, 65kw


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