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<span>Baumalight</span> Trench Axe Trencher TN548
<span>Baumalight</span> Trench Axe Trencher TN548
<span>Baumalight</span> Trench Axe Trencher TN548
<span>Baumalight</span> Trench Axe Trencher TN548
<span>Baumalight</span> Trench Axe Trencher TN548
<span>Baumalight</span> Trench Axe Trencher TN548

Baumalight Trench Axe Trencher TN548


Annihilate unwanted and invasive vegetation, grass, shrubs, vines, thickets, and small trees with a brush mulcher. Available models for Tractors and Skidsteers. Check out our videos below to see just how quickly and effectively they will transform your land.

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TN548 Trench Axe Trencher

No matter what your trenching task is, Baumalighnt’s TN548 is up for the job. Quickly and safely bury valuable cables and utility lines underground and out of harm’s way. The TN548 Trencher will easily cut trenches up to 48” deep and between 6” to 10” wide, depending on the chain option. The TN548 is powered by a powerful planetary drive system. With no roller chain to worry about, the planetary drive unit delivers hydraulic power directly to the sprocket of the digging chain for optimal trenching performance.

For even more versatility, the TN548 Trencher can be mounted to a skidsteers between 3000 and 7000 lbs, or use this Trencher on your tractor using the optional 3-point hitch mount. If your tractor has only one rear remote, buy the Hydraulic Valve Kit which will multiply the remotes as well as provide ‘feather’ controls.

*If you want a Baumalight Trencher other than the TN548, just email us and we can get that ordered for you.

Additional information

Chain Option

Standard Cup 48×6", Standard Cup 48×8", Standard Cup 48×10", 50/50 Rock & Cup Tooth Chain 48×6", 50/50 Rock & Cup Tooth Chain 48×8", 50/50 Rock & Cup Tooth Chain 48×10"

Hydraulic "Feather" Controls

No, Yes

Three Point Attachment Kit

No, Yes


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