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HLA 2500 Series Snow Pusher


A snow pusher is one of the most efficient ways to move snow. And HLA makes the sturdiest and best we’ve found.

On backorder. Estimated to ship by Oct or November if ordered now.

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Key advantages of the HLA Snow Pusher Design include:

  • Radius back which releases snow instead of letting it stick
  • Reinforced & tapered side panels eliminate cross braces that trap snow
  • 12″ tall backdrag, far exceeding the height of the competition (note opening between backdrag and back panel)
  • Bolt-on quick attach frame for more flexibility over time.  (JDQA, SSQA, Global, & Custom Mounts)
  • Reversible, replaceable, and adjustable scraping edges (steel or rubber standard, UHMW upgrade*)
  • Replaceable, replaceable, and adjustable skid runners (steel standard, UHMW upgrade)
  • Many color choices available including green, orange, black, yellow, red, or blue (Green and black on order)


  1. Series (1500, 1800, 2500, 3500, 4500)
  2. Width (54, 60, 66, 72, 84, 96, 108, 120, 132, 144) Not all sizes available in all Series
  3. Color (Green, Black, Orange, Blue, Red, Construction Yellow) We typically try to stock or at least order Green and Black.  
  4. Backdrag: Yes or No
  5. Connection Type: JDQA, SSQA, Global, or Custom (most often pinned buckets)
  6. Replaceable edge for main pusher box: steel or rubber included in base price.  UHMW available and is cut to length, ready for you to drill out and add your own hardware.
  7. Edge for backdrag:  The backdrag does have an integrated steel edge which is usable.  Replaceable steel, rubber, and UHMW edges are options as well.
  8. Skid Runners: Steel runners are included in the base price.  UHMW runners are an option as well.

*For COMPLETE protection if you are pushing snow on asphalt, concrete, or other delicate surfaces, you will want rubber or UHMW on all contact points including edges and skid runners.

UHMW: (sometimes called poly or plastic) is best summed up by saying “it cuts like steel, but protects like rubber”.  Great wear properties, cuts well through packed snow, very quiet, protective of paved/concrete surfaces.  Lasts nearly as long as steel.

Rubber:  Protective of paved/concrete surfaces, very quite, doesn’t cut packed snow at all, shortest life span.

Steel: wears very well, cuts packed snow very well, but is hard on paved/concrete surfaces, leaves rust stains, and is loud.  Great for gravel, stone, and other unpaved surfaces.

Note: UHMW edges are cut to length, ready for you to drill out and add your own hardware.



Additional information

Shipping Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

72", 84", 96"

Quick Attach Style

Custom (Add'l Cost), Global, JDQA, SSQA


Black, Green

Cutting Edge

Rubber (no add'l cost), Steel (no add'l cost), UHMW (add'l cost)

Skid Runners

Steel (included), UHMW (add'l cost)


None, Yes w/ Integrated Steel Edge (included), Yes w/ Replaceable Rubber Edge (add'l cost), Yes w/ Replaceable Steel Edge (add'l cost), Yes w/ Replaceable UHMW Edge (add'l cost)

Warranty Factory Warranty
Mid PTO Factory Warranty


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