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Ultratec Terrain Pro Earth Moving Dump Trailer


For earth-moving work.

Robust frame and chassis allows for efficient operation. The trailer is equipped with gas springs and slick plywood floor. Big tipping angle and hinged opening back plate enable transport of long material as well.

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  • Platform 78.75 x 41.75 x 18″ (L x W x H)
  • Net weight approx. 418 lbs
  • Max load length 126″
  • Max load width 50″
  • Load capacity 3306 lbs (For small ATVs we recommend transporting approximately 1000kg for safe load)
  • Plywood Bottom
  • Gas assist dump system and 47 ° tilt angle ensure emptying
  • Tool straps and small storage box
  • Removable front latch gate for log hauling
  • Swivel tongue maintains balanced loads on uneven terrain
  • Sawtooth bottom edge to grip logs during transport
  • Strong Mechanical Tilt Lock 
  • Parking stand
  • Made in Finland

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Shipping Weight 478 lbs

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