We’ve got a lineup today! We’ve got a 1 series, two 2 series, two 3 series, and two 4 series tractors from John Deere. We’ve lined ’em up side-by-side and will run through the major differences between models, and hopefully if you aren’t a tractor owner (or if you’re looking to switch out your model) you’ll have a much better handle on where to begin you search.

Also, if you’ve ever wanted to know which John Deere tractor models have an aluminum transaxle vs which have a steel (cast iron) transaxle, then you get to find out in this video! We use a magnet to find out the answer on the seven John Deere compact tractor Series shown in the video.

If you want to know which John Deere compact tractor models are being compared side by side, then here’s a more complete list of the models that are shown or represented in this video:

Currently produced models as of February 2021: John Deere 1023e, 1025r, 2025r, 2032r, 2038r, 3025e, 3032e, 3038e, 3033r, 3039r, 3046r, 4044m, 4044r, 4052m, 4052r, 4066m, 4066r.

Older John Deere models: John Deere 2210, 2305, 1026r, 2320, 2520, 2720, 3120, 3320, 3520, 3720, 4105, 4120, 4320, 4520, 4720.