Finally had a chance to put this 3 point tractor dethatcher to the test! I have been waiting for the soil temperature to get to the optimal level for seed germination and now is the time! Before finding this tool, I had considered using a Pine Straw Rake or a Landscape Rake, but had fears (and read from others) that it would be too aggressive on my lawn, tearing it up unnecessarily. This 3 point tractor dethatcher proved to be just the ticket and worked exactly how I needed it. For my purposes, I wanted the thatch broken up and dirt scarified (roughed up) prior to overseeding this fall. This creates the best seed to soil contact allowing for vastly improved germination. Dethatching is just one of many uses for this three point dethatcher with other uses such as raking pine straw, raking leaves, spring and fall clean up, storm debris clean up, fallen tree clean up, horse arena grooming, driveway smoothing, nature trail clearing, and more!