Ballast weight is a necessary evil. It’s something you can’t do any work with, but you need it to safely operate your loader. Without that counter weight or without enough counter weight, you could put yourself into a dangerous position. You’ll be surprised just how much ballast weight is required for your tractor when you read through your manual. Lots of good safety information in there! Don’t take my word for it!

There’s four common types of ballast weight for your tractor. We’ll rank those on a cost per pound basis so that you can see what the cheapest and most expensive options are for your machine. In this video, we’ll look at a tractor on the small end (John Deere 1025r) and a tractor on the large end (John Deere 4066r). The four options included will be wheel weights, suitcase weights with a weight bracket, liquid ballast, and ballast boxes. You could potentially pay 8 times as much for one type of ballast versus another.

Yes, there are some other trade-offs besides cost. Convenience, storage, alternative purposes, and so on. This video simply shows you the variances in cost so that you can get your tractor safely ballasted for as little as possible. Thanks so much for watching and I hope you find this video helpful! If so, please consider subscribing below, give a thumbs up, leave a comment, and check out my other videos!