HLA Pallet Forks for John Deere tractors, Kubota tractors, and any sub-compact or compact tractor with a John Deere Quick Attach or Skid Steer Quick Attach front end loader. You’ll see the HD2042 and HD2048 models shown in this video. We can also special order pallet forks with other connection styles including the Global style or get any other pallet fork model you would prefer for your application. These pallet forks are heavy duty, weighing in around 340 pounds with 42″ tines and 350 pounds with 48″ tines. They are rated to hold 2,000 pounds at 24″ away from the frame. Pallet forks are a very useful tool and can be used for much more than simply lifting pallets. Use them to load brush, move logs, patio furniture, other tractor attachments, and more! Buy your tractor pallet forks from Good Works Tractors!