Why would you use a lawn roller and how do you go about using it? When’s the best time of year to roll your lawn? It’s spring time in Michigan and I’m on a mission to get a short cut lawn. I need it to be super flat and the lawn roller will help take out the undulations that have been there since the dawn of time, haha! Plus, they are good for leveling out mole hills and other rodent damage. Try not to use a lawn roller in the dead of summer as this can be stressful to grass. Also, avoid doing so right after a very heavy rain as you could create too much compaction. The best time to do so is an application such as in this video where it rained the entire previous day, but then had time to dry out some overnight and early morning. Damp soil allows for some compaction without going too crazy. After all, your lawn’s root system needs space for air, nutrients, and water.

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