If you want the easiest leaf cleanup you can imagine, you need this Sweep-All Turf Sweeper. With it’s electronic push-button dump, you don’t ever have to leave your seat (well, if you choose to leave your seat when you’re finished sweeping, that’s probably a good idea). We put it to its first test today in our new neighbor’s lawn, where the leaves hadn’t been touched all season. Tested today is the PSP 4348, which is the 48″ version, in Turf Green. Powered by the rear PTO on our 1025R, we just hook up and go. Whether you drive a compact or subcompact tractor, as long as you have a category one hitch, you can hook up this sweeper. And it’s meant for far more than leaf collection. It’s perfect for sweeping up anything on the ground: leaves, grass clippings, apples, fallen nuts and acorns, trash, or whatever you have. Set the brush low and you can even dethatch your lawn. Or drive it over a paved surface and watch all the debris disappear. We know this isn’t cheap, but it sure makes for easy work. And to help just a little bit, use our discount code below to save 5% off your purchase.