compact tractor owners. The HLA 1800 Series pusher fills the gap in the lineup between the HLA 1500 and HLA 2500 Series which are dramatically different in size. You’ll see the HLA 1500 compared against the HLA 1800 snow pushers in this video as well as a short look at an HLA 2500 snow pusher towards the end.

The HLA 1800 Series of snow pushers is too large for subcompact and compact tractor owners, but is well suited for most 3 Series and 4 Series tractors. The same great features that are found on the HLA 1500 Series are found on the HLA 1800 Series as well including a backdrag that fully encloses the top of the pusher, adjustable and replaceable skid shoes, replaceable steel or rubber cutting edge, double paneled sidewalls to eliminate cross braces that trap snow, and a rounded back to prevent the accumulation of snow.

We are an HLA dealer, so you’re welcome to buy your snow pusher from us here at Good Works Tractors!