Let’s compare the John Deere 2038r tractor vs the John Deere 3038e tractor. This is the John Deere 2r Series vs the John Deere 3e Series which means you can also include the models 2032r, 3032e, and 3025e. Another direct horsepower comparison would be the 2032r vs the 3032e. Although you could compare the 2025r to the 3025e, the 2025r is not a full framed 2r Series and the differences are substantial. Perhaps, we’ll cover that in another video.

Essentially, you’re comparing a Premium Series in a smaller frame to a Value Series in a larger frame. There is overlap in capabilities between the two machines, some surprises with what the smaller tractor can do that the larger one cannot, and also a huge gap in standard features found on the tractors. If you’re having a tough time understanding the differences between these two machines, then take a look at this video comparing the 2038r vs 3038e and see if it answers any questions.