So you’re considering a tractor or have just bought one? Well, if you want to get up and running like a seasoned vet check out today’s video. We’ll cover the things to keep on hand, CRITICAL SAFETY ACCESSORIES, community resources, and cover the way we approach attachments (and suggest spending your money if you haven’t yet purchased your tractor). It’s a quick overview for newbies, and even you long-time tractor owners might get a good reminder here. And if you are a long-time owner and think of something we didn’t cover, please use the comment section let us know what comes to mind! Products in video: Suitcase Weight and Wheel Weights: HLA 1500 Snow Pusher: HLA Ultralight Forks: 5% OFF WITH CODE GWT ON GREASE SYSTEMS! 5% OFF WITH CODE GWT FOR DUAL WHEELS!