Having enough ballast weight for your tractor is a major safety concern. Understanding what ballast weight is, how to use it effectively, and the ways you can implement ballast are critical. In this video, we’ll dive into defining tractor ballast weight, determining how you know if you have enough ballast weight, and what types of materials and tools you can use to accomplish the minimum ballast weight requirement for your tractor.

Tractor ballast weight has many related terms and comes in many shapes and sizes. Some of the terms you’ll here include counter weight, liquid ballast, RimGuard, suitcase weights, wheel wights, ballast box, and counter ballast. Each form of ballast weight has it’s pros and cons including cost, how and where it’s installed, being removabe or permanent, and more! So, if you own a tractor or think you want to own a tractor, then I suggest you watch the video to make sure you know exactly what’s required to safely operate your tractor and loader.