See what your options are for a grapple if you don’t have any additional hydraulics on your tractor. Power Beyond is not designed to operate a grapple. Your SCV’s that control your loader will not also control a traditional grapple. Finally, manufacturers are wising up and finding solutions that will help the 90% of us that don’t have any additional hydraulic SCV’s or diverter kits on our tractors. You can now get a grapple. The best part is that these can be easily assembled and installed quickly! No trips to the dealer. Assemble it, attach it to your tractor, and get to work!

The Westendorf Brush Crusher offers many models, with two of the most popular models being the BC-4200 for JDQA loaders and the BC-4300 for SSQA loaders. The Brush Crusher BC-4200 weighs only 238 lbs while the BC-4300 weighs in at 295 lbs. Both options are substantially lighter and cheaper than a traditional hydraulic grapple and will still complete the work of a traditional hydraulic grapple at a fraction of the overall cost.

Worksaver has now come out with an electric grapple, the ESCG-48 Mini Grapple which will work with both JDQA and SSQA loaders. This is operated by an electric actuator and comes with the complete wiring harness with integrated thumb control to operate with your hand on the joystick. The entire package weighs in at 240 lbs/247lbs respectively and means you can be up and running with the grapple function within an hour of getting the grapple home. These grapples will be a game changer as they make a true grapple function an affordable reality for the rest of us without additional hydraulics.