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We have used tractors for sale and are the only dealer that includes delivery in our prices! If you’re shopping for a used tractor, then this can be a daunting task. There are no bluebook values like automobiles, there’s no consistency between brands to compare apples to apples, and there simply no standards to evaluate the basic requirements needed so that nothing is overlooked. Unlike most tractor dealers that are restricted to selling used tractors based on the trade-ins that they accept when selling new equipment, Good Works Tractors is different. We’re incredibly selective on the inventory we carry, stocking low hour, well spec’d used tractors priced in the bottom 25% of comparable setups. These are cherry picked for hundreds of dealers that we partner with around the nation. Our used tractors for sale aren’t restricted to what our own customers bring to us so our selection to choose from is massive!

In a sense, your goals and our goals align. We are the “buyer” for every tractor that you see for sale on our website, so we’re in the same seat as you. For every tractor you see for sale on our site, we passed on a minimum of 200 other tractors. The pricing, condition, and features must all align as our goal is to receive equipment that is problem-free and in nearly new condition. Every machine goes through our shop for inspection and detailing to ensure it is 100% ready to go for the new owner. Our sole objective is to provide you with the best value possible. Point being, if you have a problem with your tractor after it’s purchased, then it becomes a problem for us. Problems aren’t good for anyone, so great care is taken to ensure there aren’t any to begin with.

Many of our machines will include the balance of factory warranty as well, which is always transferable to the new owner. All that said, we’ve never been one to leave a customer hanging out to dry. While we don’t offer our own equipment warranties, we do stand behind our equipment. Anything mechanical can and will have a breakdown at some point in time. If you do encounter an issue within the first 30 days, we’ll certainly work with you on resolution. You’re looking at used tractors to get a better value compared to paying new pricing. Buying a new tractor will put you underwater for the first couple of years meaning that you will owe more on it than what it’s worth. Buying a used tractor is smart as it puts you in a better financial position should a life change happen, and you need to sell off your machine quickly. As you can see by our constant rotation of low hour tractors, this is a pretty common occurrence.

Used Tractors For Sale
Used Tractors For Sale

Buying a used tractor does carry a little bit of additional risk.  However, the risk with low hour tractors is minimal. Look at it from the perspective that most manufacturers provide a 6-year, 2,000 hour powertrain warranty on their tractors.  They are quite confident that there will be no major repairs coming up for thousands of hours or for years down the road. You won’t see machines with 1,000 or more hours on our website. At that point, there’s been 4 or 5 major service intervals that could have been missed along with the potential for a lot of physical damage to occur. Generally speaking, we’ll sell used tractors with 300 hours or less meaning they haven’t yet or are just getting to their first major service interval. This means you are in complete control of how it’s maintained throughout the duration of its life. You benefit by purchasing at a significant discount compared to a new tractor and set yourself up for success by knowing all maintenance and being in a greatly improved resale position down the road.

What size tractor do you need? We know after asking you the right questions based on your budget, tasks, terrain, and more criteria. We know what models of tractors to compare between John Deere, Kubota, Kioti, and others. We’ve personally used dozens and dozens of compact tractor models and have firsthand experience to support these decisions. We’re not biased and don’t bleed green or orange. We bleed good value. Knowing the features or options on each tractor model can make a huge difference in whether the tractor is the right one or not. Each machine is set up differently and may or may not meet your needs. So, if you’re in the market for a tractor and need help picking out the right used tractor, then please reach out. It’s one of the biggest decisions of your life and we’ll help get you set up with the right machine to meet your needs.

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