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Baumalight makes our favorite attachment ever: the Brush Mulcher. We’ve had so much fun clearing vacant land with that attachment, watching overgrown fields and woods turn into bare dirt. Trees and all! They make attachments that are built for rugged work that can only be done with a tractor or skidsteer. We’re talking about things like stump grinding, trench digging, and brush mulching. Messy, dirty, loud, awesome, fun jobs!

Dirt Dog

We love Dirt Dog because they’re Made in the USA (Georgia) and have a huge line of products that don’t compromise build quality or features. We carry more Dirt Dog attachments than any other brand, including their ATV attachment line. When we think of the good ol’ days when things were made right and made local, we think of Dirt Dog.


HLA knows snow. And that means they know snow removal. It’s no wonder why we choose their Snow Pusher over any other on the market and sell more snow pushers than any other snow removal attachment. They simply can’t be touched with the features and build quality they put into their products. It’s clear their products are designed by people who use them in their real lives. And while not Made in the USA, they’re a close second–Made in Canada.

John Deere

Perhaps no other brand in the tractor world has loyalty like John Deere. But is it warranted? We’d say so. We sell a ton (well way more than a ton!) of John Deere tractors, and they continue to lead the market in developing useful features like quick-attach loaders, mowers, front-end attachments, and a backhoe that can hook up in just five minutes. Most tractor owners don’t need anything more than the John Deere 1025R, a 25HP subcompact tractor that allows homeowners and homesteaders to accomplish projects in just minutes or hours that otherwise would take days. And the 1025R is the perfect example of excellent John Deere build quality and engineering. Of course, if you want bigger, they’ve got bigger. Lots bigger!

Mudd’s Customs

We love Mudd’s Customs and are very glad to be a partner with them. They represent what we think of when we think of American Entrepreneurs. They have created some great ideas! Mudd’s provides tractor accessories that make your machine feel like it was tailor-built for you. We’re talking about grab handles and steps, mirror mount brackets, tie-down anchors, dual wheel kits, and even custom backhoe buckets! All Made in the USA, a great bonus for a great product.

M K Martin

MK Martin is another company that knows snow! They’re also up in Canada and a sister company to HLA, who makes our Snow Pushers. We turn to MK Martin for those who prefer the snow thrower/snow blower. They even make our favorite version, the Pull-Type snowblower which is the ergonomic answer to the rear-facing 3-Pt snowblower which has you craning backward, looking over your shoulder the entire time you operate it. Absolute top quality, with every feature you could want. But they don’t stop at snow attachments, check them out for top-notch rotary cutters, and blades too!




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