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The Importance of Ballast Weight For Your Tractor

Unfortunately, tractors are potentially much more dangerous to operate than it appears at first glance.  Tractor related accidents are annually the leading cause of death on farms in the United States…I can tell you that the “pucker” effect is very real!…


One set of HLA 42″ HD0942 Pallet Forks is being given away! Win a completely FREE set of brand new HLA 42″ Light Duty Pallet Forks, model number HD0942. Read below for complete details.

John Deere 1023e vs 1025r: 1 Series Tractors

John Deere 1023e vs 1025r Tractors. They have a lot in common, but find out if the differences are worth the money! What do you think? Both are excellent options and, in my opinion, these two machines are as close to perfect as anything on the market right now.  Yes, they have their limitations…

Kubota vs John Deere: 5 Key Areas Kubota Wins

To be entirely forthright, let me preface by stating that I’m not affiliated with John Deere nor Kubota.  In the Kubota vs John Deere debate, you really cannot pick a loser.  I really enjoy operating and selling both brands of compact tractors and have found their historical reputations to ring…

New Style Vs Old Style John Deere 2025r

To add to the often confusing world of tractor model numbers, John Deere has recently introduced a redesigned version of it’s popular 2025r tractor.  This frame size of tractor is the first step into the compact world…

The HLA Snow Pusher: A Practical Choice For Snow Removal

If you’re in the market for a snow removal tool, then I’d suggest you take a long look at a simple steel box called the Snow Pusher.  We’re a dealer for HLA snow pushers and have grown to love them as a practical, relatively inexpensive snow removal tool for sub-compact and compact tractor owners. 

John Deere x700 vs 1025r: What’s The Difference?

“Isn’t the John Deere 1025r just a big garden tractor?” asked a customer recently.  Frankly, it’s a very common question and one that is understandable at first glance.  However, there’s many differences between a John Deere x700 Series garden tractor and a John Deere 1 Series machine like the 1025r…

John Deere 1025r vs 1026r Comparison

What’s the difference between a John Deere 1025r and 1026r?  Well, not much to tell the truth.  If it weren’t for the EPA changes back in 2012 timeframe, then we’d most likely still be looking at a 1026r and the 1025r wouldn’t exist. 

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