If something is marked as FREE SHIPPING that refers to free basic shipping in 36 states!

SHIPPING: Free shipping includes the following 36 states:

Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin.

Shipping will be calculated at the time of checkout (go to the checkout page to see shipping options) for states outside of the Free Shipping states. We ship from Michigan, so we can cover a good portion of the USA under the FREE SHIPPING blanket. We can ship to the rest of the lower 48 states and you’ll see the upcharge during the checkout process.


FREE UPS GROUND SHIPPING: Small items will ship UPS Ground whenever possible. Items that ship this way will ship directly to your house on the same brown box trucks that you might see deliver Amazon packages. If you buy items that also ship LTL (on a pallet), then we may ship everything together on the pallet to limit the chances of lost items. You may be familiar with UPS Ground as the brown box trucks that deliver Amazon packages and similar items. NO LIFT GATE OPTION AVAILABLE NOR REQUIRED.  THESE ITEMS ARE LIGHT ENOUGH FOR THE UPS DRIVER TO CARRY BY HAND OR DOLLY. Items up to 150 pounds will ship this method and include Quick Hitches, Mini Stump Buckets, VersaBrackets, mirrors, and more!

FREE DELIVERY, CUSTOMER RESPONSIBLE TO OFFLOAD FROM SEMI: Delivery to your house, farm, business or most other locations, but exceptions do apply. NOTE: THIS SHIPPING METHOD DOES REQUIRE you to use your tractor, skid steer, forklift, etc to offload your order from the back of the semi truck. This form of shipping does include a delivery appointment as well, so expect a phone call from the freight company to schedule a delivery day and time window.  Do not rely on tracking information.  This is only a general idea and the delivery date represents when it will reach the destination terminal.  This is not when it will be delivered to you.  WAIT FOR THE PHONE CALL FROM THEM TO SCHEDULE THE DELIVERY DAY AND TIME WINDOW.  They are closed weekends so delivery will only occur on weekdays. Anything that doesn’t ship UPS Ground will ship this method.

Most of the items are our site ship LTL (on a pallet, skid, or crate) such as pallet forks, grapples, and snow removal equipment to name a few.  These deliveries are made on full length semi trucks and trailers just like what we all see going down the road every day. Do not count on them being able to fit down your driveway. Often times, you’ll need to drive your tractor to the end of your driveway, lane, or nearest accessible side street in order to offload.  They will pull along the shoulder on the road and you offload from there.


Additional shipping costs are added for destinations beyond the Free Shipping range.

ADD A LIFT GATE, SEMI DRIVER WILL LOWER TO GROUND LEVEL FOR CUSTOMER: Add $100 for a lift gate delivery, although you can typically find a way to use your tractor to avoid this charge. Deliveries are made on full length semi trucks and trailers just like what we all see going down the road every day. Do not count on them being able to fit down your driveway. Often times, you’ll need to drive your tractor to the end of your driveway, lane, one way or narrow side street in order to offload.  They will pull along the shoulder on the road and you offload from there.  We don’t include a lift gate in the free shipping price as 99% of our customers have a tractor with loader and can find a way to offload.  We’d have to mark up every product by $100 to cover the lift gate cost and the vast majority of you don’t need it anyways.  So, this helps us deliver your order at the lowest price possible.

FREIGHT DAMAGE:  We ask that you inspect your order prior to signing for it. If there is damage or something is missing, it is much easier to make a claim if we sign for it noting the damage or missing items. Take pictures. We’ll get you fixed up, but just ask for your help to make the process a bit easier.

LOCAL PICK UP: Local pick up is always welcome by appointment. You will see the local pick up discount during checkout for each item.

TRACKING: A tracking number will be emailed to you after the order ships out. Sometimes it takes until the next business day to generate and email this number. Tracking numbers are sent from UPS for Ground/Small Package orders and from the LTL Freight company for larger orders (shipping LTL/on a pallet). So, look for an email from either of these companies.

BACKORDER: We list estimated ship dates and lead times provided by our suppliers. These are prone to change—and this is beyond our control—thus an estimate is not a guarantee. Pre-ordered product often sells out completely prior to arriving, so we don’t recommend waiting to order if it is an item you truly want.

MADE TO ORDER: These products are those that we’re able to order from the manufacturer for you, but we don’t typically stock them.  So, if you’re in the planning stage of the purchase, this can be helpful in determining how far in advance you should place your order.  This lead time doesn’t account for packing it here to ship back out to you.  Most manufacturers won’t ship factory direct.

SALES TAX: Currently, sales tax is collected in Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Washington, Wisconsin, Vermont, and Virginia.  This is not by choice, but mandated compliance.  Many states have minimum sales thresholds that establish an economic nexus.  Once you hit that sales threshold, you’re required to start collecting sales tax.  We will accept valid tax exemptions including Farm Use, Non-Profit, etc.  All tax policies are subject to change.  Read more about the Supreme Court case South Dakota vs Wayfair that set these new policies in motion.

RETURNS: Returns are accepted within 30 days of purchase with a 10% restocking fee less original shipping and handling charges. Return shipping and handling is the responsibility of the purchaser.  Item(s) must be returned in original, unused condition to qualify.

WARRANTY: All new equipment sold with manufacturer’s warranty. All used equipment sold as-is, no warranty.  We are happy to help with warranty claims, however it can sometimes be easier or you to go directly through the manufacturer.  Even if you do go through the manufacturer, let us know.  Fortunately, warranty claims are rare, but they do happen from time to time.

CONDITION: All products sold by Good Works Tractors are brand new unless specifically noted.  We don’t sell brand new tractors, only used tractors. Occasionally, we’ll receive a used attachment on trade-in, but 99% of the attachments and accessories are new. However, given the nature of handling heavy steel products, there may be minor scratches, scuffs, or blemishes on your equipment. This will primarily affect the paint, but nothing more.  We don’t sell touch up paint, but have used Rustoleum in the closest shade with good success. Some equipment does come crated from the manufacturer, but the majority is shipped in to us loose and stacked onto flatbed trailers. So, this equipment is moved multiple times before you receive it. Loaded onto a trailer from the manufacturer to us, offloaded at our yard, occasionally reorganized at our shop, packed onto a pallet for shipment to you, and then handled multiple times as it moves from truck to truck through the freight carriers hands on the way to you. We always do our best to handle with care and also keep overhead low in order to provide the best value. If there is some type of functional or significant damage, then we are happy to help make it right. Please document immediately upon receipt with pictures and sign for it as damaged.


First of all, thank you for your service and sacrifice to put the safety of your fellow men ahead of your own. I can’t thank you enough. My dad and granddad were both NAVY men and LEO’s. I’ve always been proud of that fact and I think they’d be honored that I could pay it forward as a sign of appreciation. If you wouldn’t mind sending us an email ( with some sort of verification (DD214, ID with endorsement, other documentation) of your position, then we can provide you with a discount code for an additional 1% off the price of any tractor attachment or accessory that we physically sell. We just ask that you please don’t share the code with others as we’d like to reserve this special discount just for you.

This discount is good 365 days a year here at Good Works Tractors, not just on special holidays.  However, this discount is not available retroactively.  One final note, there are products on our website which we advertise, but don’t physically sell. Therefore, we’re not able to provide a discount on them.  Thanks again for your sacrifice and God Bless America!

First Responder Qualifying Positions: Law enforcement officers, paramedics, EMT’s (emergency medical technicians) and firefighters. Emergency department personnel, such as nurses and doctors, who are required to respond to disasters and critical situations, also qualify as first responders. Good for active and retired personnel



“Why don’t you guys list prices for your affiliate products?” While we know it’s not ideal to not have a price until you visit the manufacturer’s site, we think it’s a worse experience to have an inaccurate price. With the cost of goods continuously rising, the final price is rising too and we may not be alerted in a timely fashion of the new price. So we chose what we think is the lesser of two evils, and simply don’t quote the price.


Yes, we do have a rewards program!  With every purchase made, you will get back points to use on future orders.  Tractor attachments cost big bucks, so these points add up quickly!  You need to register an account prior to purchase in order to receive points.  Points will not be retroactively added back onto an account.  Points must be used within 3 months.

Worry Free Guarantee!

If you’re shopping for an attachment are unsure what size would best fit your tractor, lean on us for the right recommendation. Email us prior to purchase and take our written recommendation on product selection and options and you will know you’re getting the right fit for your machine. We offer this guarantee because we want you to have a pain-free and confident buying experience without worrying about it being the right choice. It’s your hard-earned money you’re spending and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. Click here to send us an email!