Are we getting ripped off by John Deere? Some time ago, I noticed that my John Deere suitcase weights were stamped 20kg/40lb. Well, I don’t remember much from school, but I do recall that one kilogram wasn’t exactly equal to two pounds. The most commonly accepted ratio is 1 kg = 2.2 lbs. However, I’m going to use a slightly more accurate version of 1 kg = 2.205 lbs.

So, 20 kg is equal to 44.1 lbs.
And, 40 lb is equal to 18.14 kg.

The weight test results are below and the main thing to keep in mind is that this is just for fun! This is not a certified scale, I have no controls in place, I simply grabbed the weights and weighed! I found the results interesting and I hope you do too!

John Deere 20KG/40 LB Suitcase Weight Results
Average: 18.96 kilograms/41.8 pounds
High: 19.23 kilograms/42.4 pounds
Low: 18.59 kilograms/41.0 pounds
NOTES: 15 weights weighed. Mixture of two different style logoed John Deere weights and an aftermarket version without logo. All labeled 20kg/40lb.

John Deere 32KG/70 LB Suitcase Weight Results
Average: 32.29 kilograms/71.2 pounds
High: 32.38 kilograms/71.4 pounds
Low: 32.20 kilograms/71.0 pounds
NOTES: 3 weights weighed. All generic, no label and marked 32KG.

John Deere 50KG/110 LB Wheel Weight Results
Average: 46.39 kilograms/102.3 pounds
High: 46.44 kilograms/102.4 pounds
Low: 46.35 kilograms/102.2 pounds
NOTES: 2 weights weighed. Both John Deere weights purchased from John Deere dealer. Included hardware (BM11939) mentions that it’s for 110 lb wheel weights. Weight not identified on weights.