Join me in the woods as I get some tractor therapy. I mess around with my John Deere 1025r tractor, 120r Loader, Wallenstein BX36S Chipper, Westendorf BC-4200 Brush Crusher, and Heavy Hitch Toothbar. I have a long list of projects to tackle this year and am determined that some of them are actually going to get done unlike years prior! The first big project is to carve a path through the woods to fit a tractor and grade a ravine so that I can install food plots for deer hunting in the fall. I think the Heavy Hitch toothbar is the perfect tool to tackle the rocky ground that’s found on my hunting lease and the Brush Crusher will help clear the way through the woods. I ran out of time to give the Wallenstein BX36s chipper a proper meal, but at least got to try it out briefly. There will be plenty more opportunities to put it to the test.