Heavy Duty Self-Powered Flail Mower for ATV’s & UTV’s Wessex AFR



We love flail mowers because they’re compact which makes for better maneuvering, and they shred grass and brush better than a rotary cutter. Wessex offers pull-type flail mowers to mow behind your ATV or UTV. They’re self-powered by their own Briggs & Stratton gas engines.

Wessex built this Flail Mower Series in three parts: Light Duty AFE, Standard Duty AFX, and Heavy Duty AFR.

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Purchase this item and get 3949-4149 Points worth $78.98-$82.98 to save on future orders!  You must register an account to track receive and track points.

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Wessex AF Flail Mower Highlights

Wessex makes very high quality flail mowers meant to be used behind ATV’s and UTV’s. They are self-powered by their own gas engines and connect to your ball hitch.

All series include the following features:

  • Swinglock Axle System. Within minutes—with no tools required—convert your typical side-wheeled ATV Flail Mower into a rear-wheeled mower, to mow closer to a hedge or fence line
  • Flotation puncture-resistant, Kevlar-lined tires
  • Large diameter rotor with spiral-positioned flails ensures an even cut and increased torque for dense vegetation
  • 5mm steel decking, shot-blasted and powder coated for durability
  • Swiveling ball hitch keeps mower level across uneven terrain
  • Turnbuckle on the drawbar to level the machine for an even cut
  • Offset to either side to cut beyond the quad wheels
  • Kill switch clips to the rack of the ATV – emergency stop within easy reach of the operator
  • Optional kill switch extension for UTV’s
  • Cut height adjustment with a screw adjuster (the best we’ve seen yet!)
  • Rear anti-scalp roller eliminates scalping in rough conditions
  • Made in Britain
  • Available in 120cm or 160cm widths, equal to approximately 47″ and 63″

    Heavy Duty AF Flail Mower

    Complete with an electric start, 23hp V-Twin B&S engine with electric start, manual clutch and forged heavy-duty flails, the Professional Grade (AFR) will pulverize the densest scrub and vegetation all day long!

    • 3/4″ to 8″ Adjustable Cut Height
    • Electric Start, Briggs & Stratton 23 hp Engine
    • Available in 47″ or 63″ Width
    • Heavy Duty Hammer Blades Standard


    These ATV Flail Mowers come with a standard one-year warranty, and a further one-year is available at no cost by simply completing an online registration via the website.

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    47", 63"

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