Pallet Forks for Tractors

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What Are Pallet Forks?

Pallet forks are manufactured with high tensile forged steel and traditionally used for loading, unloading or moving heavy pallets safely and precisely. Get more use out of your tractor by adding a pallet forks. They remain among the most popular attachments for tractor owners because pallet forks have a variety of uses beyond just moving pallets.

What Can You Do With Pallet Forks on a Tractor?

Pallet forks are only restricted by your tractor’s load capacity and fork capacity, therefore they are perfect for lifting heavy, bulky or oddly shaped items. Pallet forks can be used to:

  • Carry and stack hay bales
  • Transport logs
  • Move large rocks or boulders
  • Lift equipment for cleaning, maintenance, or relocation
  • Carry various construction materials
  • Clear brush piles
  • And more!

How Much Weight Can Tractor Pallet Forks Hold?

The answer depends on your forks and your tractor or skid steer. Some pallet forks are capable of holding a load over 4,000 lbs (two tons). Our HLA Heavy Duty can even lift up to 5,500 pounds. Then we sell ultralight forks for subcompact and small compact tractor owners. The balance is not giving up too much of your lift capacity to the weight of the forks while being able to lift your load safely. We have an entire pallet fork overview video that can help you decide which forks are right for you. And know that if you have a skid steer, HLA makes forks that will fit that too.

Why Buy Pallet Forks For Tractors From Good Works Tractors?

Good Works Tractors has a large selection of tractor pallet forks to fit your individual needs. Tractor pallet forks and other accessories at Good Works Tractors are hand-picked by industry experts and can be purchased online. Get the best prices, the best service, free delivery, and special offers!

Courtney Scott, the owner of Good Works Tractors, selects all attachments and accessories based on three factors he refers to as the trifecta: quality, features, and affordability. GWT also provides expedited delivery and instructive videos to help you make your selection.


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