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Tilling Implements For Tractors

When people hear the word tractor, they often picture a tractor in a field planting or harvesting crops. And while we use our tractor for far more things than that, tilling, planting, and harvesting is definitely something we love our tractor for. We’ve gathered some of the best tools for creating food plots, gardens, or small fields with your tractor.

Once you’ve finished with Tilling, head over to see our Planting attachments.

Rotary Tiller

PTO driven tillers are our favorite way to prep soil for planting, if the area isn’t too large. Say no more than two acres. But we’ve used tillers to remove sod and create a path for a drive too, turning the hardpan soil to make it easier to scoop and discard with our bucket. We love tillers and have a lot of videos on them.

Disc Harrow

It took us a while to understand the value of a disc compared to a tiller, but these are fast ways to break up large pieces of land. They don’t turn the soil into a finely ground powder, like a tiller would. Instead they break up the ground as a first pass before getting the soil ready for planting. They don’t excel at breaking up sod, but instead benefit from reworking previously tilled soil. Watch us till our food plot with a Dirt Dog Disc Harrow.


This is a very, very simple 3-Point tool. Cultipackers are heavy, grooved rollers that groom your roughly tilled soil by compacting it and creating planting furrows for seeds. They are also used after seeding to press seeds into soil, for better germination.


If you’re going to be planting in ground that has been neglected for several years, you may consider starting with a suboiler. These blades rip deep into the soil to reach past the top layer of hard pan and create a pathway for roots to grow deeper, as well as water to drain better, avoiding the chance of root rot. Watch us use a double ripper, HD subsoiler with our Kubota M4D-071.


We have Chisel Plows and Breaker Plows (also called a Potato Harvester) and Layoff Plows. Each are doing something similar by cutting into the earth, turning the soil to rid it of old organic growth and be prepared to receive new organic growth after seeding. We’ve used plows with success on 25 horsepower tractors, but more horsepower would be desired.

Bedder Hiller

A lightweight tool for a 3-Point, a bedder hiller will create a raised soil bed for planting vegetables that require that. Easy to set up and adjust, these are affordable tilling tools. Watch us a bedder hiller here.

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