Mowers for Tractors

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Mowers for Tractors

One of the most satisfying projects we do with our tractors is mow. Clearing an overgrown field with a brush hog or flail mower is just plain satisfying. Just as satisfying as those lines a finish mower leaves on our lawn.

At Good Works Tractors, we have a range of mower types for your 3-Point (and even one for your front-end loader) to tackle tall, lush grass, or thick brambles and brush and even saplings. Or to maintain your lawn or lot.

Generally speaking, you size the attachment to the width of your tractor, while still considering your tractor’s engine horsepower and PTO horsepower, as well as weight.

Types of Mowers For Tractors

Each mower attachment for your tractor can help you in different ways.

Here are some of the different types of mowers available here at Good Works Tractors that you can choose from.

Brush Hogs

Brush hogs, bush hogs, rotary cutters, spindle cutter, slashers, pasture toppers (looking at you England)—what you call it says something about where you’re from. But they all point to the same thing, a mower with a blade, or blades, spinning 360 degrees over the surface of the ground.

It’s the same cutting method as a traditional lawn mower, just built larger and tougher, intending to cut through much heavier material. And they’re powered by your tractor’s PTO.

Dirt Dog Rotary Cutters

Made in Commerce, Georgia, we love that Dirt Dog took one of the most common 3-Point implements and improved the design. Knowing a lot of folks store their attachments outside, they domed the deck with an overhanging lip to reduce standing water and they added a pivoting A-frame so the mower follows the contour of the land better. It’s available with a slip clutch for added protection against unseen objects, and it’s constructed from 10 ga steel.

All Dirt Dog cutters are single spindle with a 1.5” cutting diameter, and are available in widths of 4, 5, and 6 ft.

Shop the Dirt Dog Rotary Cutter here.

Watch us mow a field of 4 ft tall, wet grass as the first step in preparing a food plot for deer season.

Iron Craft Rotary Cutters

IronCraft is another American made company, located in Tennessee. They have a huge range of cutters up to 10 ft wide that’ll slash through 4” material, though you’ll need a tractor with 60 hp + to get that top end.

But whatever size tractor you have, if you want Standard Duty or Heavy Duty, small or large, IronCraft has it. We mowed our large field with a 10’ 1800 Series, dual spindle cutter from IronCraft in this video.

RhinoAg Rotary Cutters

Put succinctly, these are the beefiest cutters we sell. Every aspect is built like a tank. If you want the heaviest duty cutter, get a RhinoAg Twister Series. In this video, we cut down six foot tall, super thick grass on boggy soil using John Deere 2038R our RhinoAg Twister Series cutter.

Flex-Wing Mowers

These are meant for large areas of mowing, as they use the same cutting technology as a brush hog, but are made in much wider cutting widths, up to 20 ft! The center section stays fixed, but the outside wings flex to conform to the land, and also can be hydraulically raised to reduce the footprint during transport.

IronCraft and RhinoAg offer Flex-Wing mowers, also referred to as Batwing Mowers. We tackled our 20 acre parcel for a summer cut with a RhinoAg Flex-Wing mower in this video here.

Flail Mower

Now we’ve come to our favorite mower style, the flail mower. Instead of a horizontal cutting blade, flail mowers use a drum that rolls over the land with hinged blades staggered along the drum.

You can get a much more compact set up with a flail mower compared to a brush hog, providing easier maneuverability which may or may not be important to you. And in our experience, flail mowers shred material much finer than a brush hog. We prefer hammer blades over Y-blades, as they tackle everything and we think they make a fine cut even on short grass as seen in this video.

A common flail mower option is the offset, allowing you to push the mower to one side beyond the footprint of your tractor. So now you can mow along fencelines or treelines or road edges without having to run your tractor adjacent to that line.

Another common feature is tilt, allowing you to mow ditch banks and pond edges, or even run it all the way vertical and trim a tree line or hedge. Offset can be manually controlled or hydraulic, while tilt will always be hydraulic.

You can see all of this in action in this video of the Del Morino Flipper Super mowing our business park.

Del Morino Flail Mowers

Made in Italy and sporting a proud, bright red finish, we’ve sold heckuva lot of flail mowers from Del Morino over the years. A range of series gives you options for subcompact tractors to large utility tractors, with fantastic reliability. Some people flail mowers shredders, and using  our Flipper Super like a brush cutter it’s easy to see where the other name comes from in this video here.

IronCraft Flail Mowers

We love IronCraft and they make a lot of series of flail mowers that we think are great options for small and large tractor owners. Most of their series is also Made in Italy, like Del Morino. They are top notch, heavy duty mowers awaiting any piece of land you have to clear or maintain.

What type of mower matches my tractor?

Like any rear 3-Point attachment, the make of your tractor doesn’t matter. Be it John Deere, Kubota, Kioti, LS, Mahindra, Massey or anything else, you just need a 3-Point Hitch.

Most of the attachments we sell are for subcompact and compact tractor owners who have a Category I 3-Point Hitch. Some of the larger mowers we sell, like the Flipper Super, are Cat I / Cat II compatible. We’ve got you covered from 25 to 100 horsepower.

Our Worry-Free Guarantee

Before you buy, shoot us an email and get a written recommendation on product selection and options that will fit your tractor. Guaranteed!

If you still want to learn more about our attachments, you can also check out our library of over 700 educational videos to assist you in making your decision.

If you have any questions about mowers or any of our other products, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Financing For Our Mowers

Mowers for tractors can be a big expense, even at competitive prices. Good Works Tractors is proud to offer 0% financing on our mowers and other attachments through Affirm so you can get to work now and pay later (qualified buyers only).

Choose from 3, 6, or 12 monthly payments, whatever fits your budget! If you’re ready to pay off your loan early, there are no prepayment penalties—you can’t go wrong with any option.

If you need more information about financing options, feel free to check out our pay at your own pace page.

Free Shipping

Our mowers come with free delivery to 36 states, and we do our best to offer quick delivery so you can begin enjoying your attachments as soon as possible.


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