Here’s a brief overview of a John Deere 2 Series vs 3 Series tractor.  Even within each series, there can be a lot of variation, however this will give you a good visual look at the size difference between the two frame sizes of tractors.  The main takeaways are going to be the differences in length, width, height, and tire sizes as well.  I’ve tried to keep it brief and it is in no way a full, complete comparison, but meant to provide a starting point for those that aren’t sure which direction to head.

You could also substitute a John Deere 2032r in place of the 2025r and a 3039r or 3046r in place of the 3033r.  Both tractors are equipped with front end loader and mid-mount mower decks.  The 2 Series represented here is of the old style production which ran from 2013 through 2016.  The 2r Series has now been redesigned and is a completely different animal.  The 3r Series is definitely refined compared to the 3×20 Series, however dimensions, loaders, mowers, and capability haven’t changed much.


Some quick highlights include a base tractor weight of 1,660 pounds for the 2025r while the 3033r tips the scales at 2,900 pounds.  This does not include the loaders which add another 700-900 pounds.  If you choose to fill the rear tires, you’ll be able to add approximately 450 pounds to the 2 Series while adding 1,200 pounds to the 3r Series.

Comparing loaders, the H130 loader will lift 1,023 pounds to a maximum height of 78″ at the pivot point.  The 3033r if equipped with the H165 loader will raise 1,598 pounds to 102″.  There is a significant difference in the three point lifting capacity as well.  1,433 pounds for the 2r Series while the 3r Series is at 2,530 at the end of the arms.

Horsepower is really not the reason for this difference.  Each tractor within it’s frame size will have the same ratings.  It is more so dependent upon a combination of factors including the hydraulic systems — pumps, flow rates, cylinders, weight of the tractors, and axle strength.

So, thanks for taking a look at this brief overview and enjoy the video.