If you’re in the market for a snow removal tool, then I’d suggest you take a long look at a simple steel box called the Snow Pusher.  We’re a dealer for HLA snow pushers and have grown to love them as a practical, relatively inexpensive snow removal tool for sub-compact and compact tractor owners.  A low price point matched with versatility make this my go-to choice for clearing snow in the winter time.  If you’d like to buy a snow pusher, then please contact us for a quote or visit this link to see pricing options for various sizes and configurations.

First off, I’d like to consider pricing of an HLA snow pusher compared to other snow removal options such as a hydraulic plow blade or snowblower.  For sake of this comparison, we’ll pick the John Deere 1025r as it is an extremely popular tractor on the market.  A brand new front mount 54″ plow blade with hydraulic quick hitch and attaching parts will run you approximately $1,600.  A brand new front mount 54″ snowblower with quick hitch and attaching parts will run approximately $4,200.  A brand new HLA 54″ snow pusher will run you $966 in it’s base configuration (Prices are local pick up as of July 2018).  Based on price alone, this becomes a very economical choice for the budget-minded shopper.


Next up, let’s consider versatility.  This can be broken down into two areas with the first being loader availability.  What I mean by this is that you’re able to keep your loader mounted on your tractor and quickly swap back and forth from your snow pusher to your bucket to pallet forks.  With other snow removal options, your loader comes off the tractor and you lose your loader capability.  Secondly, snow pushers are available with an optional backdrag which can be seen in this video.  This allows for snow removal right next to walls, garage doors, and other tight spaces.  Instead of only pushing snow in front of you, a back drag makes it possible to pull snow away as well.  This often times creates more complete and thorough snow removal of your cleared area.

HLA 1500 snow pushers are available in 6″ increments ranging from 54″ up to 72″.  You have the choice of outfitting with a steel scraping edge or a 1″ thick heavy duty rubber scraping edge.  The rubber edge is a great choice for concrete, asphalt, and brick as it is gentler on those surfaces, won’t leave behind rust marks, and is quieter during operation.  Steel will excel on gravel or dirt areas and also will scrape better on hard packed snow and ice conditions.  A optional back drag can be added to any snow pusher as well and can also come with a rubber cutting edge.  These are available with John Deere Quick Attach (JDQA) or Skid Steer Quick Attach (SSQA).  Lastly, these can be ordered in John Deere green, Kubota orange, or black.

If you’re looking to buy an HLA snow pusher, then please contact Good Works Tractors.  We can order the correct configuration you need and have it available for pick up or ship it directly to you.  The purpose of this article was to give you a better understanding of what a snow pusher is and how it stacks up against other snow removal options.  Be sure to check out our current inventory and send us an email with any questions.