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A quick hitch compatible, swing-arm stump grinder—now that’s what we’re talking about!

Reist’s Dominator Swing Arm Grinders use a 25″ rotor with carbide teeth that swings 55 degrees to tackle huge stumps.

The hydraulic controls for the swing and pitch require either one or two rear remotes, as they’ve provided a model with a valve to allow one remote to control both functions.

We associate Reist with extremely high-quality engineering, and this grinder is no exception, weighing 950 lb. Triple-life carbide teeth, a flexible deflector, and even a depth gauge are features that set apart Reist’s grinders from the competition.

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Purchase this item and get 3249-3949 Points worth $64.98-$78.98 to save on future orders!  You must register an account to track receive and track points.

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Dominator Swing-Arm Stump Grinder Highlights

Adding to its professional line of land management tools, Reist introduced the Dominator series of Stump Grinders.

Reist’s swing arm model utilizes a 25″ rotor optimized to cut in one direction. Equipped with an adjustable flow control, the return speed of the arm can be adjusted to suit any operating condition or operators experience level.

The R25PS requires two remotes, one to adjust the height of the arm and one to swing it along its 55 degree arc. For tractors with only one remote, the R25PSV adds a valve on an ergonomically adjustable arm to control the hydraulic functions. To add a rear hydraulic function to your tractor, or to increase from one to two, check out the solutions from Summit Hydraulics and save 5% with code GWT!

Compatible with Cat I & II 3-Point Hitches, Dominator Stump Grinders are also compatible with Quick Hitches. The frame incorporates two pads which provide firm footing on uneven ground eliminating deflection of the frame.

See the grinder in action in this video.

Gear Box

Three Point Hitch swing type grinders utilize 1:1.9 ration gear box accelerating the flange mounted rotor to 1,026 RPMs.


The uniquely shaped rotor is flange mounted to the drive line. This allows for easy removal of the rotor should it be required for maintenance.

Carbide Teeth

Dominator stump grinders use Wearsharp® teeth. The round design of the tooth and a triangular base allows it to be indexed 3 times for extended life.

HDPE Deflector

Made with high density polyethylene, the deflector stands up to abuse regardless of the air temperature all while containing debris from the stump.

Cutting Depth Gauge

An easy to read gauge helps operators determine the cutting depth.

Hydraulic Valve

The addition of an optional valve on an ergonomically adjustable arm, provides both lift and swing functions for tractors with one hydraulic remote (so two remotes are required for R25PSS, but only one remote required for the R25PSV).



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Stump Grinder for 1 Remotes, Stump Grinder for 2 Remotes


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