Towable 20 Ton Firewood Processor (Self-Powered) Wallenstein



This processor folds tight for easy transport, and allows you to process up to 1 cord per hour.

Pull this towable, 20 ton, firewood processor with your UTV, tractor, or truck right to where you need it. Self-contained with its own engine, use the included winch to pull your logs onto the loader chute, connect your chainsaw, set your split length, and start splitting right into your bed or trailer.


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WP525 20-Ton Towable Firewood Processor

Equipped with a pull-start, 6.5 hp, Vanguard engine, haul 16″ diameter logs with the 1200 lb winch and 50 synthetic rope onto the foldable loader chute. The floating stabilizer grabs the log and prevents it from backsliding. Using the universal chainsaw adaptor, mount your chainsaw with 22-30″ bar onto the processor, set your split length from 12–22″, cut your log, and run the splitter through the 3-Way Box Wedge. The splitter will reset and run again as the top portion of the log falls into place to be split by the bottom knife, as the first two pieces make their way onto the conveyor, for four pieces of firewood total from each section of log you cut.

The firewood runs up the conveyor which you can position over a truck bed or stack on the ground with the 76″ discharge chute height. You can process up to 1 cord an hour with 525 Processor.

For transport, unfold the swing tongue and connect to a 2″ ball receiver. You can safely transport this processor on the highway, but be sure to get the optional light kit for compliance and safety.

There is no shortage of well thought-out features on this stand-alone firewood processor from Wallenstein.


Three-Way Box Wedge

Utilizing gravity through contoured design, this two-step function handles by pushing the bottom splits onto the conveyor and dropping the top split into place for a second push.

Auto Return

After your split, simply pull the lever into the return position which will engage the auto return detent. The cylinder will retract automatically, allowing you to focus on your next piece.

Compact Standalone Design

Engineered to be lightweight with a small footprint. This compact processor is designed to be self sufficient from your tow vehicle, without limiting productivity or performance.

Floating Stabilizer

Prevents log from twisting when cutting to length, no activation required.

Highway Towable

Transport your unit with hitch, safety chains, highway tires, and full trailer lighting.

Torflex Suspension Axle

Axles are designed to absorb road impact, providing a smoother towing experience.

Hydraulic Winch

Hydraulic winch makes it very easy to winch in your heavy logs.

Length Indicator

Set the indicator for consistant firewood length.

Pivoting Chainsaw Holder

Easily mounts to most chainsaws. Securely holds your chainsaw in place while cutting logs. Saw can easily be detached without the use of tools. Will work with up to a maximum 30″ chain bar length. *Reduces maximum cut length by 1″ (2.5 cm)

Sweep Tongue

Move the tongue out of your woodpile to allow easy hookup to towing vehicle.

Tall Pile Height

Featuring a standard 76” discharge chute height, easily load processed firewood into your truck box or dump trailer.

2-Way Wedge (Optional)

Process firewood suited for your woodstove or outdoor furnace in a single split.

60″ Winching Strap (Optional)

High strength nylon strap for winching logs onto the processor.

Light Kit (Optional)

The light kit enhances visibility and safety while towing.


Model WP525 WP845 WP875
Split Force: 20 Ton 25 Ton 25 Ton
Engine: Vanguard® 6.5 hp (203 cc) Vanguard® 14 hp (408 cc) Vanguard® 14 hp (408 cc)
Discharge Chute Height: 76″ (193 cm) 54″ (137 cm) 54″ (137 cm)
Split Opening: 23″ (58 cm) 24″ (61 cm) 36″ (91 cm)
Full Stroke Splitting Cycle Time: 13.2 seconds 8.3 Seconds 12.1 Seconds
Cylinder Diameter: 4″ (10 cm) 4.5″ (11 cm) 4.5″ (11 cm)
Maximum Log Diameter: 16″ (41 cm) 22″ (56 cm) 22″ (56 cm)
Throughput: Up to 1 Cord Per Hour Up to 2 Cords Per Hour 1 – 2 Cord Per Hour
Winch Pulling Capacity: 1200 lb (544kg) 1550 lb (703 kg) 1550 lb (703 kg)
Winch Rope Length: 50′ (15 m) 50′ (15 m) 50′ (15 m)
Winch Rope Diameter: 1/4″ (6 mm) 1/4″ (6 mm) 1/4″ (6 mm)
Tires: 5.30 x 12.00 5.30 x 12.00 5.30 x 12.00
Hitch: 2″ Ball 2″ Ball 2″ Ball
Tongue Weight: 240 lb (109 kg) 160 lb (73 kg) 285 lb (129 kg)
Total Weight: 1525 lb (692kg) 2050 lb (930 kg) 2275 lb (1031 kg)
Dimensions Open (LxWxH): 175″ x 54″ x 85″ (445 cm x 137 cm x 208 cm) 220″ x 69″ x 66″ (559 cm x 175 cm x 168 cm) 246″ x 69″ x 66″ (625 cm x 175 cm x 168 cm)
Dimensions Folded (LxWxH): 122″ x 54″ x 83″ (310 cm x 137 cm x 211 cm) 98″ x 73″ x 79″ (249 cm x 185 cm x 201 cm) 125″ x 73″ x 79″ (318 cm x 185 cm x 201 cm)
Hydraulic Capacity: 8 US gal (30l) 10.6 US gal (40l) 10.6 US gal (40 L)
Recommended Saw Bar Length : 22” (55.9cm) – 30” (76.2cm) 22” (55.9cm) – 30” (76.2cm) 30”
Splitter Valve Operation: Auto Return Auto Cycle Auto Cycle
Trailer Light Kit: Optional Standard Optional


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