Identify, organize, and protect! That’s what Outback Wrap does. Hydraulic hoses sometimes are just a mess. The manufacturer might send ones that are way too long, or if you run an attachment with three functions, that’s six hoses to get tangled up. Not anymore! Enter Outback Wrap: a company providing two systems for us tractor owners. The first is a hose marker to identify our hoses quickly by sight, so that we can plug each into the right outlet. The second is a Hose Tamer, which declutters that mess of hoses hanging off your attachment or tractor. Both are inexpensive and you can save 10% off your purchase with code GWT!

Products in video: Hose Markers & Tamers: CLICK HERE to visit Outback Wrap! ** Don’t forget to use code GWT to save 10% off your order! **