You folks have asked a lot of good questions while trying to figure out the best grapple to fit your situation. Well, I wanted to take a few minutes to give you my input on some frequently asked questions as well as providing my opinion after having had the chance to use each version: The Worksaver Electric Mini Grapple (ESCG-48JD) and the Westendorf Brush Crusher BC-4200. Now, my own experience doesn’t necessarily mean it will line up with yours as my priorities and/or expectations could vary from yours. That’s perfectly natural. However, it’s still a good opportunity to highlight some differences, but also provide similarities to try and simplify the decision-making process for you. We’ll cover weight, construction, operation, design, and more in this video about two great grapple options for your tractor that don’t require you to purchase costly additional hydraulics for your machine. Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and I hope you have a great day!