After a recent video on tractor attachments that require a third function, some viewers expressed a difference in interpretation (from mine) regarding what a third function is on a tractor. So I thought I’d tell you how I look at it, what’s most important, why you should consider one (no matter what you call it), and how you can go about getting one. You’ll hear about diverters, hydraulic multipliers, grapple ready, rear remotes, and third functions in this video. I attempt to de-mystify and support my view, but in the end I’m not sure it’s going to bring any agreement!

In addition, many tractor attachments require more hydraulic functions than what are found in most standard setups. Adding additional hydraulic functions can be very costly so discovering cheaper ways to get this additional functionality can save big money in the long run. Popular ways to do so are through diverter kits and hydraulic multipliers such as those kits offered by Summit Hydraulics.