Lube Shuttle makes a very innovative greasing solution for us tractor owners along with anyone who owns a machine! Greasing can be a pain in the butt when it comes time to change the cartridges out. Lube Shuttle’s innovative design completely eliminates the hassle of the spring and plunger system, no mess to deal with, no damaged cartridges. It’s quick and painless. They’ve incorporated many benefits into their system including reusable and recyclable grease cartridges, a design that uses 99.9% of the grease, so virtually no waste, an extremely simple and efficient attachment system simply threading the cartridges on and off. The secret of their system is creating a vacuum to dictate the flow of grease rather than using a spring. The follower plate on the bottom the grease cartridge is where the magic starts. Backed by German engineering, so you know this was a well though-out design.