Adding a 3rd function kit to your Kioti tractor opens up a world of attachment options. Kioti tractors won’t come from the factory with a 3rd function which means you can’t use attachments like a grapple, auger, or snow plow. Unfortunately, most owners don’t realize their tractor isn’t equipped with the proper hydraulics until it’s time to try out a new attachment. Adding a 3rd function kit to your Kioti tractor can be an expensive accessory from the dealer and quite an inconvenience to haul your tractor into the dealership and be without it for a week or two. You can now buy a Kioti 3rd function kit and completely install it in your garage in just a couple of hours. Save the extra dealer markups, save the downtime, and get it installed in just a couple of hours.  Make it even cheaper by saving 5% with code GWT at Summit Hydraulics.

This is a 3rd function kit for Kioti tractors for sale by Summit Hydraulics
Kioti 3rd Function Kit For Sale by Summit Hydraulics

What is a 3rd function? If you have a front-end loader on your tractor, then you already have the 1st and 2nd functions. These two functions are controlled by your loader joystick. You control the 1st function by pulling back or pushing forward on the joystick to raise or lower your loader. You push the lever left or right to control the 2nd function which curls or dumps the bucket. This is all you need for a bucket, snow pusher, pallet forks, or other simple attachments.  For attachments that have their own hydraulics such as a grapple or hydraulic angle snow plow, you need a way to control this additional hydraulic function. This is where the 3rd function of your Kioti tractor comes into play. Get this extra hydraulic circuit installed and control the grapple or plow by pushing a button with your thumb on a new handle that will come with your 3rd function kit.

Where to buy a Kioti 3rd function kit? While you can go to your Kioti dealer and pay them to install an OEM 3rd function kit, you’re going to be paying the OEM price plus shop labor costs.  In addition, you’re going to have to trailer your tractor into the shop or pay the dealer to pick it up and drop it off plus plan on being without your tractor for 1 to 2 weeks. There’s a lot of extra cost and inconvenience involved. Summit Hydraulics has designed complete 3rd function kits for Kioti tractors that are easily installed in a couple of hours with tools you already have in your garage. These 3rd function kits will perform just like the OEM kit and have a great fit and finish to them.

Buy A Kioti 3rd Function Kit: For Sale by Summit Hydraulics

Kioti 3rd function kits are just one of many tractor hydraulic supplies that Summit Hydraulics offers. From hydraulic top and tilt kits to rear remotes, and even hydraulic hoses and fittings, you can have everything shipped right to your door. On top of making it super convenient, you can also save an extra 5% by using code GWT on all of your orders placed on their site. I’ve personally used Summit Hydraulics 3rd function kits, hydraulic top links, and hydraulic multipliers on many of my tractors as well as installed them on customers’ tractors. These are high-quality products at affordable prices that create versatility and a superior tractor experience.