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Yanmar Tractor Attachments For Sale

Do you own a Yanmar compact tractor? Many Yanmar tractor models including the SA221, SA324, and SA424 have a proprietary Yanmar quick attach on the YL110 and YL210 front-end loaders.  Finding loader attachments to fit this Yanmar quick-attach system can be challenging. However, we now offer a variety of front-end loader attachments to fit the …

John Deere 1025r 3rd Function Kit For Sale

Buying a John Deere 1025r 3rd function kit will open up a world of attachments. The most common reason that someone adds a 3rd function kit to their John Deere 1025r tractor is to operate a grapple. For reasons unknown, most tractor salesman either don’t mention the importance of this feature or don’t understand how …

Pick The Best John Deere 1025r Attachments

The John Deere 1025r tractor is possibly the most popular compact tractor ever designed. Technically, this is a subcompact tractor, but it falls within the larger category of compact tractors. Small, but mighty is the best way to describe it. With incredible capability, a pile of features, and top-shelf engineering, it’s not hard to make …

3rd Function Kit For Kioti Tractors

Adding a 3rd function kit to your Kioti tractor opens up a world of attachment options. Kioti tractors won’t come from the factory with a 3rd function which means you can’t use attachments like a grapple, auger, or snow plow. Unfortunately, most owners don’t realize their tractor isn’t equipped with the proper hydraulics until it’s …

Hydraulic Multiplier Valve Kit For Tractors

Hydraulic multiplier valves are an amazing invention! We’ve installed many hydraulic multipliers on tractors we’ve owned and sold to customers. Let’s tell you where you can find a hydraulic multiplier valve for sale, what a hydraulic multiplier is, and what you use a hydraulic multiplier for. The best part is that this is a hydraulic …

Kubota 3rd Function Kit For Sale

Adding a Kubota 3rd function kit to your tractor can greatly enhance its versatility. A 3rd function kit is required for tractor attachments such as a grapple or snow plow. If you’ve ever come across the term “grapple ready”, then this is referring to a tractor already having a 3rd function installed. Having a dealer …

Rear Remote Hydraulic Kit For Tractors

Rear remote hydraulic kits for tractors greatly enhance versatility. Most tractors don’t come with rear remotes, but you can add a D-I-Y solution in your spare time and avoid the huge dealer upcharge. Let’s explain what are rear remotes, what are rear remotes used for, and where to buy a rear remote for your tractor. …

Used Tractors For Sale

We have used tractors for sale and are the only dealer that includes delivery in our prices! If you’re shopping for a used tractor, then this can be an absolutely daunting task. There’s no bluebook values like automobiles, there’s no consistency between brands to compare apples to apples, and there simply no standards to evaluate the basic requirements needed so that nothing is overlooked. Unlike most tractor dealers that are restricted to selling used tractors based on the trade-ins that they accept when selling new equipment, Good Works Tractors is different. We’re incredibly selective on the inventory we carry, stocking low hour, well spec’d used tractors priced in the bottom 25% of comparable setups.

Flail Mower vs Brush Hog: What’s The Better Tool?

Should you buy a flail mower or a brush hog (rotary cutter)? What’s the better investment for you? While both of these tools are mowers, there’s some major differences between each type of tractor attachment. I’d encourage you to rank your priorities as we go through this comparison of a flail mower and brush hog. The right tool for the job won’t be the same for everyone and that’s okay. Pick the tractor attachment that checks the most boxes on your list or meets the highest priorities. It’s doubtful that you will find the perfect tool. However, knowlege is power and this information is here to let you make a well-informed decision.

5 Reasons You Should Core Aerate (Plug) Your Lawn

If you want to keep your lawn healthy and looking its best, regular aeration is essential. There are several methods of aeration, but one of the most effective is core plug aeration. This process involves removing small plugs of soil from the lawn to allow air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots more easily.


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