Adding a Kubota 3rd function kit to your tractor can greatly enhance its versatility. A 3rd function kit is required for tractor attachments such as a grapple or snow plow. If you’ve ever come across the term “grapple ready”, then this is referring to a tractor already having a 3rd function installed. Having a dealer install a Kubota 3rd function kit can be very costly, but the kit below is a do-it-yourself solution that can be tackled in a couple of hours after work in your garage.  The best part is you can save an extra 5% with code GWT to make it even cheaper through Summit Hydraulics.

Kubota 3rd Function Kit For Sale By Summit Hydraulics
Kubota 3rd Function Kit For Sale By Summit Hydraulics

What is a 3rd function kit? If you have a loader on your tractor, then you already have the 1st and 2nd functions.  The 1st function raises and lowers your front-end loader, while the 2nd function curls and rolls your bucket. If you swap out your bucket with a grapple, you could then curl and roll your grapple.  However, there isn’t anything to control the hydraulic cylinder on the grapple jaw to open or close it. This is the job of the 3rd function.

How do you install your Kubota 3rd function kit? This is pretty easy and all instructions will be included from Summit Hydraulics. You can use basic tools that you most likely already have in your toolbox. You’re simply bolting or screwing parts together and securing them to your tractor. You’ll remove a plug or two from the transaxle and thread in fittings for your hydraulic lines to feed your third function.  You have the option to connect power to your fuse box or battery.

What do you use a Kubota 3rd function kit for? The two primary attachments that are used with a 3rd function will be a grapple or an angling snow plow. However, there are other attachments such as post hole diggers, hydraulic skid steer quick attach couplers and other specialized items that require Kubota 3rd functions as well. Some folks will wind up routing their 3rd function hoses to the rear of the tractor to operate hydraulics on 3-point mounted attachments as well.

The best place to buy your Kubota 3rd function kit is through Summit Hydraulics. These 3rd function kits are an excellent value and allow you to save hundreds of dollars by offering do-it-yourself solutions. Plus, you can save an extra 5% off of everything you order with code GWT. You may also need extra hydraulic hoses for your grapple or perhaps you want to add rear remotes or a hydraulic top link to your Kubota tractor.  All of these items are available through Summit.