Rear remote hydraulic kits for tractors greatly enhance versatility. Most tractors don’t come with rear remotes, but you can add a D-I-Y solution in your spare time and avoid the huge dealer upcharge. Let’s explain what are rear remotes, what are rear remotes used for, and where to buy a rear remote for your tractor. Rear remotes are available for all modern compact tractors including John Deere, Kubota, Kioti, New Holland, and others. If you own a modern compact tractor, then chances are that these rear remotes will work for you.

What is a rear remote? If your tractor has a loader, then you already have two remotes on it. These are hydraulic functions that are “remotely” controlled by your loader joystick. Generally, these two remotes are called your 1st and 2nd functions. The 1st function raises and lowers the loader, while the 2nd function curls and rolls the bucket, forks, or whatever attachment is on the loader. A 3rd function would be added and routed to the front of the loader to control a grapple or hydraulic angling blade and you would use a thumb button added to your loader joystick to operate it.

Rear Remote Hydraulic Kit For Tractors
Rear Remote Hydraulic Kit For Tractors

When you add additional hydraulics on the back of the tractor, these are commonly called the 4th, 5th, etc functions. These rear remotes are sometimes referred to as Selective Control Valves (SCV’s). These rear remotes will also be controlled by a lever that is added somewhere on the operator station. Do not confuse a rear remote with Power Beyond which will not have a lever to control it on the operator station. This is a topic we’ll cover in another article, but it is not the same as a rear remote.

What is a rear remote used for? Similar to how the 1st and 2nd functions control your front-end loader, a rear remote will control a hydraulic function as well. There’s quite a variety of uses for it including operating a hydraulic top link, controlling the angle function of a rear blade, or rotating the chute on a snowblower. These are a few of the more popular uses for a rear remote, although the complete list is quite long. Some tractor attachments might even require multiple hydraulic functions that use more than one rear remote. If you need more than one rear remote, I would recommend adding on a Hydraulic Multiplier as your most cost-effective solution. This can turn your one rear remote into 2, 3, 4, or 6 rear remotes ensuring you never run out of capacity.

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