These ultra lightweight pallet forks are the best option for the John Deere 1025r subcompact tractor.  You can buy these from Good Works Tractors!  Equipped with 36″ tines, these pallet forks weigh only 190 pounds and will outlift the capacity of your loader at 900 pounds at a 21″ load center!  These are the perfect fit for any subcompact tractor including the John Deere 1023e, 1025r, 1026r and any Kubota BX Series tractor equipped with a skid steer quick attach loader!  This includes many popular models such as the bx2350, bx2360, bx2370, bx2380, bx2650, bx2660, bx2670, and bx2680!  Also, a great fit for the John Deere 2 Series family including the 2320, 2520, 2720, 2025r, 2032r, and 2038r!  On the Kubota side, these will work with the B Series family of models including the B2650, B3000, B3030, B3300, B3350, B7500, and B7800!


One of the main compromises that subcompact tractor owners have to make is the limited capability afforded by their front end loader.  It doesn’t matter the brand, whether it’s John Deere, Kubota, Mahindra, Kioti, or any other, physics simply don’t allow for high capability.  Unfortunately, most pallet fork manufacturers are geared towards construction equipment and larger framed machines that have much great lift capacities so fork weight isn’t much of a concern compared to fork strength.

This is where HLA lightweight pallet forks can make a big difference.  Whereas most standard forks will weight in between 300 and 360 pounds, HLA Lightweight Pallet Forks weigh in at a mere 190 pounds with 36″ tines.  Add 42″ tines and your weight only increases to 210 pounds.  Want 48″ tines and you’ll see a weight of 220 pounds.  We are able to provide these pallet forks in John Deere green, Kubota orange, and black.  These can come equipped with the John Deere Quick Attach bracket or the Skid Steer Quick Attach bracket which is what Kubota, Kioti, Mahindra, Massey, and most other tractor manufacturers use.

Looking to find an HLA dealer near you?  You found them!  We are happy to ship our product to you, so ask about affordable shipping.  Some of the options to get you forks for a more affordable rate include buying multiple attachments, shipping to a commercial address, or shipping to a local terminal!  We also carry HLA snow pushers which have become a very popular option in recent years.  These are a very affordable snow removal option that allows you to leave your loader on your tractor.  Quickly switching from bucket to snow pusher to forks improves operator efficiency.  HLA products are high quality, built to last, and provided with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

So, give us a call, send us an email, or even contact us through Facebook.  Make sure to check out the video below to learn more about these amazing lightweight pallet forks.  They really are the best option for subcompact tractors like the John Deere 1025r.


Watch the video “The Best Lightweight John Deere 1025r Pallet Forks!”