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Pallet Forks are one of the most versatile attachments a tractor owner can have. But we thought we could make them even more versatile! So we made a version that can attach to your front-end loader AND your 3-Pt Hitch. And we added a 2″ receiver to act as a trailer mover, chain hooks, a weight rack to use for counter-weight, and even a slot for a top-mount goose-neck trailer hitch. Available for JDQA and SSQA loaders and any Cat-1 3-Pt Hitch. Comes with 42″ forks.  These are rated for 2,000 lbs at a L.C. (Load Center) of 24″ away from the base of the forks.

NOTE: 20% OFF INTRODUCTORY PRICING! JDQA IS BEING RELEASED FIRST, SSQA TO FOLLOW.  We have gone through multiple design and prototype steps.  While we don’t expect any big snafus, part of the reason for 20% off is to account for your willingness to be one of the first to get the forks and provide feedback as well.  We will always look to improve our products and one of the best ways to do so is by incorporating user feedback.  Some changes are easier than others and pricing, weight, universal use, performance, etc must all be considered.  It’s been a long wait, but they’re finally here.   

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Purchase this item and get 0-1439 Points worth $0.00-$28.78 to save on future orders!  You must register an account to track receive and track points.
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VersaforkS Highlights

  • Made in USA with USA Steel and Manpower (tines imported from Canada)
  • Available with JDQA or SSQA quick attach for Front-End Loader attachment
  • ALSO connects to Cat-1 3-Pt Hitch or Cat 1 Quick Hitch
  • 2″ Receiver for Trailer Mover
  • Top Receiver for Gooseneck Trailer Hitch
  • Twin welded chain hooks
  • Integrated Weight Rack for suitcase weights to use as a counter-weight system
  • Built In Parking Stands to make 3 point hook up easier
  • 42″ Forks Standard, 2,000 lb rating at 24″ L.C. (Load Center)
  • JDQA Total Weight of 258 lbs
  • SSQA Total Weight of 261 lbs
  • JDQA Frame Only Weight of 106 lbs
  • SSQA Frame Only Weight of 109 lbs
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty*
  • Note: fork tines are raw steel and sometimes may have areas of light surface rust. Very common and will not affect the fork performance at all.  There is no reason to paint fork tines when they will quickly lose their finish under normal use.  This surface rust will disappear with normal use.


*Product Warranty Information: The 1-year manufacturer’s warranty covers craftsmanship issues related to the pallet fork frame and fork tines such as broken welds, torn steel, or improper weldment. This product is designed to be used to pick all sorts of materials and normal wear and tear are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. If used improperly, excessive damage may occur. Normal wear and tear include items such as worn paint, nicks, dings, scrapes, etc.  If tines are overloaded, or unevenly loaded, then bending of the tines or frame could occur.  This is not covered under warranty.  Digging, trenching, popping stumps, and other similar activies are not warrantied.  No other damage, including front-end loader damage, is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Always take every precaution to place an equal, balanced load on your front-end loader and pallet fork tines. The longer your cylinders are extended into the roll position, the higher the likelihood of cylinder damage. Always reference your tractor and loader manual to follow proper safety practices including adequate ballast weight! Use common sense!

This product is subject to continuous improvement and design changes may be implemented at any time. Therefore, the pictures may reflect an outdated version. Please email with any questions prior to purchase.

What tractors are these pallet forks designed for? 

These pallet forks are meant to fit most modern subcompact and compact tractors.  This includes popular subcompact models such as the John Deere 1025r, Kubota BX Series, and those similar by Kioti, Mahindra, LS, and more.  These pallet forks also fit larger compact tractors such as the John Deere 2025r, 2038r, 3039r, Kubota LX Series, Kubota L Series, and Kubota Grand L Series.  These pallet forks are also a great fit for tractors without a front end loader.  These pallet forks can mount directly to your 3 point hitch.

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