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PTO Pin Assortment Set (5 Pcs)

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Pins! Every attachment needs them, and sometimes they just seem to go missing. Grab what you need and a few extra to have on hand.

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Product Details

  • GREAT FOR LAWN & GARDEN: These pins are great for use in your home garden and lawn. Tow Hitches with a lawnmower to carry soil, distribute seeds, carry supplies, debris, blocks, and more
  • PERFECT FOR FARMING: Great for use with farms of any size. Tow large hitches and wagons full of soil, fertilizer, seeds, supplies, wood, and more.
  • DURABLE: Katzcos PTO safety pins are made out of high-quality heavy-duty spring steel and carbon steel that resist breakage. Tow any type of hitch you need with these pins and never worry about a malfunction.
  • EASY TO USE: These pins are not only durable but are incredibly easy to use and apply. All you have to do is slide the base of the pin into the according to slot on your hitch and secure the pin so it’s closed tight.
  • CONVENIENT: These safety PTO pins are super convenient and are small enough to be accessible wherever and whenever you need them. Store in tool bags or small containers.


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