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<span>Miller Tire</span>Dual Wheel Spacer Adapter Kit For John Deere 1025R
<span>Miller Tire</span>Dual Wheel Spacer Adapter Kit For John Deere 1025R
Dual Wheel Spacer Adapter Kit For 26x12-12 Wheels

Miller TireDual Wheel Spacer Adapter Kit For John Deere 1025R

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This is a new an improved dual wheel spacer adapter kit for the John Deere 1025r! It is double the width of the original kit to provide better spacing between wheels and tires.

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This dual wheel spacer adapter kit is designed for tractors with 26×12-12 wheels such as what are found on the John Deere 1023e, 1025r, 1026r, and many Kubota BX Series models of tractors.  The purpose of a dual wheel kit is to increase lateral stability of your tractor.


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** Mid-mount mower decks will not work with the dual wheel setup unless you remove or relocate the rear gauge wheels. **

***Adding dual wheels to your tractor may increase the stress on the rear axle.  Good Works Tractors takes no responsibility and provides this solution as an option only as it is up to the individual operator to determine if this solution is worth the risk.***

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