GWT Stump Wrecker (Mini Stump Bucket) for Yanmar Quick Attach



It’s called different things: stump bucket, front hoe bucket, and a poor man’s backhoe. While it certainly can’t dig as deep as a traditional backhoe, it can tackle a lot of digging projects for a fraction of the cost. As the saying goes, “it sure beats a shovel.” If you need to remove small stumps, saplings, old landscaping, dig holes for new landscaping, dig shallow trenches, or carry boulders, then this could be just what you’re looking for!

Since you’ll be placing a load on the front end of your tractor with this attachment, be sure to have counterweight on the rear of your tractor to avoid a dangerous scenario. Save big money when you add a counterweight package—$200 savings for one set, $500 for both sets!


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